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How to create a Fedora live USB drive

How to create a Fedora live USB drive

There are many ways to write an ISO of a Linux distribution. But when it comes for Fedora, Fedora Media Writer is the official tool for writing, creating a Fedora ISO to a USB drive. The tool is so user-friendly, it doesn’t even need a tutorial.

How to create a Fedora live USB drive

Fedora Media Writer 4.1.4-fc30

Fedora Media Writer’s worth mentioning features:

  • Fedora Media Writer automatically downloads the latest stable Fedora Workstation or Server edition (in this example, I’ve used Fedora 30 for both Workstation and Server editions);
  • with Fedora Media Writer you can automatically download your own favourite Fedora spin such as:
    • Fedora Xcfe desktop;
    • Fedora LXQt desktop;
    • Feodora KDE Plasma desktop;
    • Fedora Mate-Compiz desktop;
    • Fedora Cinnamon desktop;
    • Fedora LXDE desktop;
    • Fedora Soas desktop.
  • Fedora Media Writer even has the option of automatically writing the Fedora ISO to the USB drive once it finished downloading it;
  • And according to Fedora’s homepage, here are Fedora’s minimum requirements:
    • “all you need is a 2GB USB flash drive, and Fedora Media Writer”;
    • “Fedora requires a minimum of 10GB disk, 1GB RAM, and a 1GHz processor to install and run successfully”.

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