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Pamac – most useful commands

Pamac, the Manjaro software package manager has a couple of useful commands.

Install packages

pamac install package_name

Install packages without confirmation

I’m so used to Debian and Ubuntu and I always feel the need to surpress the “Yes/No” questions during package installation. So, on Manjaro you can just use the –no-confirm option in order to install them automatically:

pamac install --no-confirm package_name

Remove packages

pamac remove package_name

Remove a package and its no longer required dependencies

Which are called orphans:

pamac remove --orphans package_name

Remove packages only if they are not required by any other packages

pamac remove --unneeded, u

Search for packages

pamac search package_name

List all installed packages

pamac list --installed

Check for package updates

pamac checkupdates

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