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How to extract .rar archives/files in Linux

All over the web, you might encounter some much needed files are archived using RAR, like your Linux course certification files, for example. That’s when, it’s useful to know how to extract them using the proper software.

How to create a Fedora live USB drive

How to create a Fedora live USB drive

There are many ways to write an ISO of a Linux distribution. But when it comes for Fedora, Fedora Media Writer is the official tool for writing, creating a Fedora ISO to a USB drive. The tool is so user-friendly, it doesn’t even need a tutorial.

How to view/display Linux version

I came across a lot of situations where I needed to know the exact version of the OS I was using. Mainly, because of the dependencies involved (Python, PHP, MySQL, etc).

So, open up a terminal and use the following commands in order to view the exact version of your Linux operating system.