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What is a “shell”?

The Bourne Shell: /bin/sh

The shell is one of the most important parts of a Unix system and that’s why developers and admins around the world rely so much on it. It’s basically a program inside which the user can run commands and create shell scripts. Unix programmers used the shell as a programming environment too. In fact, a lot of the important parts of the Unix system itself are … shell scripts.

What is Terraform?

Let’s talk about infrastructure. Basically, anything that relates to how we’re setting up and configuring (policies, users, VPCs, storage buckets, etc.) what we want for our technology stack is what it’s called infrastructure. And code written in Terraform is focused on infrastructure. Instead of creating virtual machines, networks and subnets, manually, the developers use Terraform to automatically manage and provision their infrastructure for their application, thus Terraform is frequently used for Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) on multiple cloud providers (GCP, Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.) these days.

What is “cat”?

cat is a Unix command that will simply output the contents of a file or multiple files.