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Pamac – most useful commands

Pamac, the Manjaro software package manager has a couple of useful commands.

How to fix AWS EC2 error “No default VPC for this user” in Terraform

Sometimes, when trying to create an AWS EC2 instance in Terraform, you might come across an error similar to:

Error: creating EC2 Instance: VPCIdNotSpecified: No default VPC for this user. GroupName is only supported for EC2-Classic and default VPC.

How to append text to a file in Linux

For example, I wanted the current logged user in my Ubuntu desktop, to be added to the sudoers file. That was important for me because I wanted to run podman. In order to do that, I’ve used several methods.

Alpine linux commands

Alpine linux’s focus seems to be on being small and secure. A lot of things in Alpine linux are being done using the apk (Alpine Package Keeper) command.

How to extract .rar archives/files in Linux

All over the web, you might encounter some much needed files are archived using RAR, like your Linux course certification files, for example. That’s when, it’s useful to know how to extract them using the proper software.

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